March 26, 2018

News flash. Even if your diet is up to scratch, most people are deficient in minerals. This is mostly due to the degradation of modern day soil quality and our modern lifestyle.

Commercial fertilisers allow farmers to regenerate the soil quickly after a yield and grow crops without the time consuming practices of our past, such as using compost and manure.  These commercial fertilisers generally only contain three minerals; phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. If the soil lacks a full mineral profile, so will your food.

We hate to break it to you but even if you're eating your greens, you still could be low in minerals. Even if they are organic.

Combine this with any stress, workouts, digestive disorders, lack of sleep and your Friday night activities (happy hour we blame you), you are most likely running low on essential minerals.

Fulvic acid is a derivative from mineral rich ancient soil. It contains a full mineral profile that can easily permeate through your skin and cell walls to be absorbed directly in to the body. Medicinal grade Fulvic Acid is included in our Detox Spray to allow you access to these amazing minerals without any diets or fasts. 

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The Detox Spray works to not only nourish you with over 60+ trace minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants but also helps your liver out to detoxify your body. It assists in removing heavy metals, toxins, chemicals and pollutants that may be in your body. Whilst also reducing inflammation,  lactic acid build-up after working out, assisting sore muscles and promoting a healthy sleep - this is definitely the perfect addition to your healthy, or not so healthy, lifestyle. 

Simply spray on to your body, rub in until dissolved and enjoy the benefits of a mineral rich body.

Available NOW at Chemist Warehouse Australia for $14.99 and coming VERY soon to the rest of the world. 


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