June 04, 2018

We all know that feeling of perspiration. It can be felt after your hours at the gym, an embarrassing bi-product on a hot day or even a reaction to being nervous on a first date. Sweating is a basic human function, but have you ever looked into the health benefits of getting your sweat on?

 Photo by  Florian Pérennès  on  Unsplash

Photo by Florian Pérennès on Unsplash



1. Promotes Healthier Skin

Research shows that your sweat contains antibiotics (in particular dermcidin), stem cells and prebiotics. This powerful combination contributes to healthy skin, helps to heal wounds, improve skin cell turnover and remove pathogenic bacteria from the skin to help with acne!

2. Beat The Flu

Studies have shown that sweating can cut our chance of getting the flu by one third by fighting off harmful bugs. It turns out sweat contains some of the same antimicrobial proteins that are known to bind with certain bacteria and viruses in the body. These antimicrobial substances help flush out toxins and attack germs.

3. Decrease Risk of Alzheimers 

Sweating is known to expel heavy metals from the body, promote relaxation, improve focus, and increase blood flow to the brain, all of which have benefits for Alzheimer’s prevention. In one study, frequent sauna use decreased the risk of Alzheimer’s in men by 65% compared to the group that only used the sauna once a week.

4. Detoxify The Body

Studies have found that those with heavy metal toxicity had their levels return to a safe amount after sweating sessions, as it helps to excrete mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead. The endocrine disruptor BPA that is commonly found in plastics, has also been shown to excrete through sweat, not urine.  

5. Boost Sex Drive

When sweat is excreted, it carries certain pheromones with it. While our noses may not be able to notice the scent, our brains certainly do. One study found that when men excreted pheromones through sweat it improved both mood and focus as well as increased attraction from women. (Even though it seems like the opposite would be true!)

6. Happiness!

Studies show that sweating activates the parasympathetic response in the body that allows us to relax, digest properly, and recover. Breaking a sweat in the sauna or through exercise helps to boost our happy hormone and relieve anxiety and depression. Cortisol and stress hormones reduce after sweating, while other adrenal hormones help maintain a proper electrolyte balance increase.

7. Lower Risk of Kidney Stones

Researchers at the University of Washington found the benefits of sweating through consistent exercise reduces this risk of kidney stones. Excess salt and calcium can form kidney stones over time, but sweating boosts the body’s natural balance and directs calcium to our bones instead.


When you don't have time to spend slaving away on the treadmill at the gym, we recommend getting your sweat on from the comfort of your bathtub with a Detox Bomb. The natural properties in the bath bomb will work to increase circulation, metabolism and get you sweating!



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